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Allow me to introduce Guardian, a unique family-run company that provides comprehensive hands-on care of your home and property, as well as personal assistant services for your entire family. Simply put, we handle everything from essential maintenance to minor errands, so that you are able to plan and live your day uninterrupted and stress-free. 

Honestly, if they could, most families would love to have the services and support of a company like Guardian. Each and every week our team of expert caretakers dedicate themselves to ensure that the aesthetics and security of your home, inside and out, are consistently excellent. We also provide a wide variety of everyday errands, much like a personal assistant. And we stay in close communication with you, so you know everything is handled how and when you want. As you can imagine, all these services take a lot of man-hours and are not inexpensive, but if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to have Guardian as your property partner, you’ll find us an indispensable godsend. 

If you’d like to learn about all of the ways that Guardian will protect and maintain your property and free you up for the things you really want to have time for, please just give us a call. We’d be more than happy to come to your home and share our program with you. We’ll also explain about our three month “test drive” so you can see for yourself if Guardian is right for you. 

Looking forward to meeting you. 

– Ron Goguen, President. 




From daily monitoring of wine cellar temperatures to stocking & changing water filters at recommended intervals, we develop a detailed routine task and inspection list, specific to your property,  to ensure preventative maintenance is carried out and proactive inspections are in place to catch small issues before they lead to costly repairs.

We Do It All.

While many of the properties we care for need similar services such as interior and exterior home maintenance, utility system upkeep, landscaping, and snow and ice management, we also provide individualized services. For example, one client might need their collection of rare trees and shrubs regularly pruned and fertilized, while another client might have a tennis court, pool and whirlpool spa that needs routine upkeep. 

However, property upkeep is not all we do. We’ll make sure vehicles are fueled, clean and always ready to go. We’ll keep home technology up to date, and troubleshoot everything from lost passwords to WiFi strength. We can also be available to take a delivery, act as an emergency taxi or even walk the dog if a client is going to be late. And when we need to bring in

a specialized service provider or contractor, our clients really appreciate that Guardian operates on a fixed monthly fee. Unlike most management companies we do not mark-up, or in any way add to outside contractor costs invoices. 

Our relationship starts with property walkthrough and inspection, where we develop a profile of your property with all relevant details and systems information. Then together we write a comprehensive plan that addresses in detail all the various tasks that need weekly, monthly or yearly attention. Finally, we create a secure, online profile for each client, providing easy access to up-to-date information about recommended activities, scheduled work, and completed assignments. Then throughout the year, we continually inspect and review your property inside and out, to identity upcoming potential issues, before they become develop, lead to costly repairs.

How can we provide all these planned and unexpected services? We intentionally limit our number of clients, ensuring we have staff available no matter what. 

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