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Experienced People.  Many Hats.

Today, fewer and fewer people families employ full-time live-in property managers. Instead the burden of property maintenance falls on the homeowner to arrange, coordinate and supervise a variety of vendors. This not only takes a lot of time but also requires that you trust any number of people – many of them in fact strangers – with that which is most important to you. 

At Guardian Home Management we fulfill the role of superintendent, caretaker and concierge to your property & life, taking the stress off your shoulders and giving you peace of mind. In conjunction with daily inspections of your home and upkeep of your property, Guardian acts as an agent for you in scheduling and overseeing maintenance, installation, and service from contractors, allowing you the luxury to trust the efficiency and quality all work done on of your property. The Guardian team has decades of experience with home and landscape maintenance, and we have a vast collection of trusted contractors ranging from household and landscape maintenance  HVAC technicians and AV ​integrations specialists to building contractors and architectural designers, all of whom grant our company’s clients reduced pricing and rates from those charged on today’s market we do not offer “special” or reduced costs, but focus on the fairness of costs (think avoiding zip code billing). Plus, as we mentioned, we never mark up contractors costs, which allows us to ensure that your work is done well, on time, and at a fair cost to you. 

Would you like the burden of daily home and property maintenance taken off your shoulders? Could you use a personal concierge to manage all life’s crazy surprises? Does the freedom to focus on more important aspects of your day sound good? Please call to schedule a personal visit and consultation. We’ll explain our program, and answer any question. We’ll also discuss our trial test drive offer. Thank you. 

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